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We are a global digital product development company that designs & builds software for the world's best businesses.

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Having the best team of interface designers has always been our strongpoint. This is why we create interface designs to order instead of creating apps using client designs.

Website evidently plays one of the key roles in making an impact on your primary audience. Our team works through every pixel in order to make the interface as clear and intuitive as possible.
We have been on the front line of mobile development for years and have seen it transform everything from personal behavior to industry trends. We build mobile apps for businesses that embody this change.
    UI/UX Design
    Web development
    App development
    We are specialised in
    Experienced Designers and Developers
    Good developers and designers know all the guidelines. Great ones know when to break them.
    Idea Generation and
    Not only we fully finish the development specification. We make it better.
    Information Architecture &
    Visual Prototyping
    Code/Design is like a joke, if you have to explain it, it's no good.
    TripCost is #1 Product of the day on ProductHunt as of 10.10.19
    It is web app that estimates the cost of your trip. Travel planning did not really change in the past few years. What we are used to is go to a hotel booking website, then to a flight search engine, then a hundred more websites add them on a spreadsheet or something to plan our budget for our trip. We thought this experience is time-consuming and it just crappy and it would be nice to get the planning done in a single click. TripCost has info about the price for a cup of coffee, a cinema ticket, a McMeal, a pint of local beer, a bus ticket, flight, hotel and hundreds of other things.
    We helped Delimobil to ship a brand new car sharing service.
    We worked 2 clients apps, 1 service app, admin panel, backend, integration with driver kyc, and UI/UX of the app.

    Successfully shipped in 3 months.
    Over 200k drivers registered.
    Launched in Moscow.

    Launching in St Petersburg, Warsaw, June 2019

    An app for an event with 6 Presidents and 4k visitors https://www.astanafindays.org/en By installing the Astana Finance Days official app, you can see the schedule in digital on-hand format and plan your own personal schedule with sessions you are interested in. Astana Finance Days app will be your companion for this event, providing you with the live announcements through push notifications and guiding you through the event. Node.js/ react-native

    Beeline Pay - мобильный кошелек, подключенный к вашему балансу. Всегда доступен и легок в использовании. Более двухсот услуг всегда под рукой, в любое время. Пополняйте баланс своего телефона с банковской карты разово или настройте автоматическое пополнение при достижении порога в 100 тенге. (iOS/Android native, Back End Django Python, Mongo DB )
    Sond - это мобильное приложение для постоянных путешественников. Мы даем возможность купить подписку и бронировать отели по себестоимости:
    без комиссий и посредников. Наши пользователи объединяются в большую группу, чтобы получить низкие ставки за номер в лучших партнерских отелях. Мы предоставляем самые низкие тарифы, дружелюбный сервис и полное онлайн сопровождение до выезда с отеля.
    BLINDIME - soul over physical appearance

    blindime – a dating app with audio video calls (iOS/Android native, Back End Node Js, WebRTC 12 000 concurrent users, Stun/turn optimized)

    Over 30 000 youngsters from kazakhstan finding their soulmate.

    B1NK banking app for Capital bank Kazakhstan.

    B1nk 1.0.0 - 1.0.9v – neo bank app in Kazakhstan

    icw. Acelight

    (iOS/Android cross platform Cordova)

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